Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to know before I call?

1.  Approximate size of sign

2.  Will the sign be interior or exterior?

3.  Quantity

4.  Do you have a logo?

5.  What will your sign say?

6.  Will the sign be single or double-sided?

How do I know where to put my sign?

SignWorks Pro will go to your location and meet with you at your convenience. We're happy to assist you with site selection as well as ensure that the sign location meets city or county ordinances.


Will SignWorks Pro install my sign?

SignWorks Pro is a full-service business. We see your project through from design to installation.


Does SignWorks Pro ship signs?

Absolutely. We can ship your sign directly to the site.

What types of signs do you offer?

SignWorks Pro is capable of producing a wide variety of specialty signage. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to create LED displays, monument, DOT, wayfind, ADA, interpretive signage, and more. Our team consults with you to find the type of signage that best suits your image and that effectively projects your message.


Is there a size limit or minimum?

Our facility is able to produce virtually any size sign. We specialize in large scale signage. However, SignWorks Pro does not produce small banners or fast signs for walk-in customers. We will be happy to refer you to a company that does.


Do I need to get my own permit?

SignWorks Pro will purchase the permits or provide you with the necessary documents to acquire the permit yourself.

Do you work with government entities or contractors?

Absolutely. We have years of experience working with contractors as well as governments and municipalities.




We stand behind our workmanship.

SignWorks Pro looks forward to working with you and creating attractive, quality signage for your organization. We guarantee your sign will meet specifications and performance at installation.